Review of Pro Flight Simulator

Pro Flight Simulator is probably one of the most realistic and popular flight sim games available today. In this review of Pro Flight Simulator I will take a closer look at this game and give you the pros and cons of this online flight simulator package.

What is Pro Flight Simulator really?

Okay before I jump into details, here are some impressive stats; This game comes with a fully modelled and realized world, including landmarks and accurate scenery taken from Google Maps which means that the scenery and everything that the person sees while flying over the area is complexly accurate.

You can even see your own home if you fly over it in the game. The same can be said of the weather, which is real time and uses real time weather information to help the game be much more unique and realistic. In other words if it rains in Florida, it will also rain in-game while you fly over Florida. Isn’t that awesome?!

Another impressive thing is the different kinds of planes that you can choose from… At the time of this writing there are over 120+ airplanes that are available and more planes are added through monthly game updates.

One thing is sure, you’ll find that Pro Flight Simulator is worth every penny because the developers are constantly adding these FREE updates to make this flight simulator even more unique and interesting. These monthly free updates are a really unique thing that you won’t get with other (more expensive) flight simulation games like Microsoft Flight Simulator X for example.


ProFlightSimulator Review

– The Pros And Cons

The Pros

Every little detail in Pro Flight Simulator is based on real time information, making this flight sim completely realistic. There are over 120 airplanes you can fly and you can choose from over 20,000 real airports. You can fly anywhere in the world and to sweeten up the deal you can also play online with friends and family thanks to the multiplayer feature.


The Cons

So what are the drawbacks of Pro Flight Simulator? It may take some time to download since the game package is rather large and includes so much. But this can be easily forgotten once you start playing this game.

Another small negative issue I found was that the flight sim is a bit too overwhelming at first since there are so many features and settings you can change and select.

However, I noticed that after a few days you get used to that and the handy tutorials will help to overcome this feeling easily :)


The Bottom Line

Overall, Pro Flight Simulator is one of THE BEST flight simulator games I’ve ever played and is worth every penny. The frequent FREE updates are also a HUGE advantage and the realistic feeling this game gives you is simply AWESOME to say at least!

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