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heli Flying a helicopter is something that many people have always wanted to do. They find that this would be much easier than flying a plane since they are much smaller aircraft, and they cannot go that long of distances. In fact, many people are finding that this makes for an excellent hobby for those long weekends that they would like to fly to another state or so forth. For those that have always considered flying a helicopter yet have never really acted on it they are going to find that they can make their dream come true in one way. And this is through flying with a Helicopter Simulator that they download directly to their computer. There are several downloads out there that the person can choose from, however, they are going to find that the Pro Flight Simulator is one that they simply cannot deny. It has been on the market for a while and is one of the most beloved downloads that people find since it is so realistic and allows them to really get a feel for what it would be like to fly a helicopter.

For those that are still unsure of what they can expect with these downloads to fly a helicopter through a simulator game. They are going to find that the sky is the limit as to what they will experience. Each game that they play will be something that is totally different and completely realistic. They will find that they will be flying over towns and cities, and they can even fly over their own town or city, thus they have the ability to see their own home when playing this game. They can fly solo or connect with a friend to fly so that they are able to have some friendly competition and conversation. The scenery is as real as the person will come to seeing from a downloaded simulator as they can get without really going up in a helicopter.

Now you can also DOWNLOAD a professional flight simulator yourself! Personally I recommend all my readers to try Pro Flight Simulator out. You can read my review about this flight sim on the Pro Flight Simulator review page!

With all that being said, the person that is interested should make sure that their computer can handle the simulator download. They will find that these take a lot of memory and the person will find that they need to make sure that they are running the right programs and have the right equipment to play this. The manual or the user guide that is on the game should explain to the person exactly what they need and if they do not have it, give a recommendation for where they can get this so that they have everything that they need.

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