[Review] Pro Flight Simulator vs. Flight Pro Sim

After reviewing some top fight simulator games, it is clear to see that there are two games on the market that are causing quite a bit of excitement among those that play these games day in and day out. These are the Pro Flight Simulator game and the Flight Pro Sim, which seem very similar with name, however, they are a bit different from one another. And these differences are what set them apart from the rest of the flight simulators that are out there. The overall consensus after leaning everything that there is to learn about the two games is that the Pro Flight Simulator is MUCH BETTER when compared to the Flight Pro Sim simply because it has much more going for it.

In terms of the custom launcher and compatibility the person will find that the Pro Flight Simulator has a 3.0 custom launcher. This means that when launching the game the person will find that it is much shorter than it has been in previous versions. There are tons of operating systems that are going to be able to use this and they will find that the operation systems it does work with are much more than the Flight Pro Sim can offer its consumers. In fact, those that try Flight Pro Sim may find that the game lags on their computer, no matter if they are running the newest operating system or not.

Pro Flight Simulator also offers FREE updates much more sooner than Flight Pro Sim. In fact, they usually offer updates at least once a month, one previous update including a total of ten new air crafts to use and fifty more scenes that are used in the game to add to the reality of the game. This is something that other games are simply not meeting.

Pro Flight Simulator also includes a few video tutorials that are going to get a person ready to fly through the game. This is something that can NOT be found when looking at Flight Pro Sim. The Pro Flight Simulator game also has the ability for the person to use the illustrated guide that will help them to fly during any point of playing the game.

Those that already have some hardware such as the joysticks and so forth are going to find that they are going to be compatible with the Pro Flight Simulator more so than the Flight Pro Sim. Many people have found that the Flight Pro Simulator does NOT interface with the hardware that well.

All in all, with all that Pro Flight Simulator has to offer, it can be the best game for a person since they are going to be getting more for their money, frequent updates, and they will have less headaches in getting this up and running to play.

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