Why Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t the Best

When a person is looking at the many flight simulator games that are on the market, they are going to find that there are many. Including two main simulator games that seem to go head to head on almost every level that the person could think of, these are the Pro Flight Simulator and the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Those that try both are going to come to highly recommend the Pro Flight Simulator, however, that leaves the question what is it about the Microsoft Flight Simulator that makes it NOT the best?

Those that are looking at the Microsoft simulator are going to find that one of the downfalls of the system is the fact that they are simply not offering as much to the consumer as other games. They are going to find that they have a decent selection of areas in which the person can fly, however, not as many as the competition. And when a person wants to get the most for their money, they want something that is going to give them the most play time that is possible. With the options that are offered through the simulator by Microsoft, the person will get some quality hours of game play, but not nearly as much as they would get with other simulators out there.
Another thing that the Microsoft game does not have going for it is that many people have reported that it causes their computer to freeze up, despite the fact that they are running the hardware that is necessary to make the game run right. For many people this comes as no surprise as this has long been a problem with any type of Microsoft game that is out there or even the programs that they offer to the world. However, other games that are out there are allowing the person to not have to worry about this and find a better way to get them what they need without making them have to wait for a load up or reinstall each time that something fails.

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Overall, the Microsoft Flight Simulator X simply cannot compete with the rest of the games out there when looking at just how well the game performs. The person will find that their time and energy is best invested into something that can offer them a better time and be something that they are going to play for years on end and never get tired of. All of which is not possible with the simulator offered by Microsoft.

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